“Baritone Joshua Hopkins absolutely owns the title character, singing the angelic Budd—whom Britten composed almost as a tragic counterpart to Wagner’s Parsifal—with a radiant, full-hearted commitment that continues through Budd’s inevitable fate. The aria in the “Darbies” as the condemned Budd awaits his demise is stunningly rendered by Hopkins, whose interplay with the piccolo riffs from the pit was breathtaking. Hopkins even portrays Budd’s fateful stutter with almost alarming effectiveness, especially in the climactic scene where the stutter dooms him.” Kelly Dean Hansen, Ph.D., Freelance Classical Music Writer, July 17, 2019.

“Hopkins’ sturdy lyric baritone, handsome appearance and persuasive acting has made him an obvious candidate for the iconic role of Billy Budd. Hopkins proved to be an extraordinary Billy.” Opera Warhorses, William Burnett, July 23, 2019.

“Hopkins demeanor and baritone exude Billy’s sunny sense of being and valiant vision.” Colorado Drama, Bob Bows, July 16, 2019.