“But it was Joshua Hopkins in the title role who virtually stole the show. His world-class baritone is simply a delight to listen to: mellow and crisp, naturally supported, and well-outfitted in its whole range. He was a confident presence onstage who avoided buffoonery and yet always made it clear that Figaro was, in fact, in control of everything.”  KC Independent, Paul Horsley, April 24, 2012.

“Joshua Hopkins’ Figaro was charming and charismatic. He performed Figaro’s well-known aria “Largo al factotum” with ease and gusto. He customized the aria with subtle and fun vocal embellishments that tastefully supported his take on the character.”  KCMetropolis.org, Nihan Yesil, Apr 23, 2012.

“Figaro is played by baritone Joshua Hopkins with a cheeky, self-satisfied confidence.”  The Kansas City Star, Libby Hanssen, April 22, 2012.