“Canadian baritone Joshua Hopkins is well-known to HGO audiences, and he makes a stunning impression as The Pilot…..Hopkins’ voice is always bright, powerful, somewhat reassuring, in contrast to Jones’ waif-like Prince.  There is also something about Hopkins’ gentle stance, whenever he is on stage with the Prince, that makes him wonderfully appealing. Particularly poignant is the scene where he carries the sleeping Prince downstage, noticing this his frail body is “more like a shell.”  CultureMap Houston, Theodore Bale, December 5, 2015.

“…the main strengths in this HGO production (created for HGO by Francesca Zambello in 2003 and directed in this revival by Ellen Douglas Schlaefer) lay in the individual performances…Joshua Hopkins’s smooth and even sweet-sounding baritone underpinned the gentle and understanding nature of the one grown-up to whom the Prince can impart his wisdom.” Opera News, Gregory Barnett, December 4, 2015.

“Joshua Hopkins unfurls a robust and polished baritone as the heroic Pilot, perplexed yet fascinated by the mysterious visitor.”  Houston Chronicle, Everett Evans, December 7, 2015.