“As Dr. Falke, Joshua Hopkins was the finest vocal accomplishment of the night. Mr. Hopkins has a glistening, malleable baritone of exceptional beauty, and he has the technique to exploit its full range of expressive possibilities from comic bluster to melting beauty. Joshua also cuts a dashing figure, can nail a punch line, and is quite a hoofer.” Opera Today, James Shore, August 2, 2017.

“Joshua Hopkins is his conniving pal, Dr. Falke aka The Bat, whose vengeful identity-swapping makes the plot go ‘round. For pure vocal pleasure, Hopkins’ “Sing to Love” and its “Duidu” chorus (thanks, fab chorus-master Susanne Sheston and her fab apprentices) gets five stars.” Santa Fe Reporter, John Stege, July 3, 2017.

“Among the production’s strengths is Canadian baritone Joshua Hopkins’ wonderfully conceived Doctor Falke…A vocally strong performance, Hopkins’ comedic acting (including his joyous physical reaction at opera’s end to the success of his elaborate plot) could be the tutorial of how to perform this central role.” Opera Warhorses, William Burnett, July 2, 2017.

“Hopkins at least scored a great moment by delivering the excruciating couplet “Come along to the ball; it will boost your morale” — and then turning to the audience with a combination of quizzical amazement and helpless exasperation. That was a sincerely funny touch, and one wished for more wit on its level as the production unrolled…Hopkins was impressive throughout as Falke, his beautifully modulated baritone making “Sing to Love” a highlight of the performance.” Santa Fe New Mexican, James M. Keller, July 1, 2017.