“…Joshua Hopkins, with a bright, ardent voice, held his own in the bari-hunk role of Valentin…” Washington National Post, Anne Midgette, March 17, 2019.

“One of the show’s most beautiful tunes, Avant de quitter ces lieux, is given to Valentin, sung in this production by baritone Joshua Hopkins. He caressed the cavatina with a tender affection that focused my attention on the beauty of the whole, not just his exceptional voice. Please, WNO, may we hear more of Hopkins in the future.” DC Metro Theater Arts, Whitney Fishburn,

“Baritone Joshua Hopkins sang beautifully as Marguerite’s doomed brother Valentin, with a relaxed tone and sumptuous legato, and an easy top.” Schmopera, Molly Simoneau,

“Baritone Joshua Hopkins played Valentin, the stalwart military hero and upright brother to Marguerite. Hopkins could have remained a ramrod-stiff “toy-soldier” in the role but instead crafted detailed moments of tenderness as well as humor as in his simple act of farewell to Marguerite and his reviewing his troops. He moved me deeply in the famous soldier aria “Avant de quitter ses lieux.” DC Theatre Scene, .

“Other standouts are a quite fabulous and fully-committed Joshua Hopkins as Valentin, acting for Shakespeare and singing with an exciting, fulsome baritone. If his disgust with his sister is bizarre by modern standards, Hopkins sells it through sheer outrage.” Metro Weekly,