“Baritone soloist Joshua Hopkins took on the roles of the angel Raphael early on and Adam in the final passages; in the delightful aria “Straight Opening Her Fertile Womb,” a humorously drawn description of the emergence of animals on the earth, Hopkins reveled in Haydn’s depiction of various animals—for instance, lingering on the “L” in “Long,” in the description of primeval worms. Hopkins owns a gorgeous lyric baritone that carried over nicely into the character of Adam, who, in this particular version, is a romantic fellow and devoted husband.” Texas Classical Review, Wayne Lee Gay, May 25, 2019.

“The three soloists, soprano Carolyn Sampson, lyric tenor James Gilchrist and baritone Joshua Hopkins were exquisite in tone and quality, not only in their own recitatives and arias but especially in the duets and trios that are the hallmarks of this surprising piece.” TheaterJones, May 29, 2019.